Xiaomi MITU Cool Drone Review 2020

The Xiaomi MITU is a small and affordable toy drone with an integrated camera that includes HD video resolution. The Xiaomi MITU drone is controlled using a smartphone. In addition to smartphone control, the Xiaomi MITU features a small, lightweight, and great design. We have tested the Xiaomi MITU drone and clarified the pros and cons of the affordable camera drone.

The Xiaomi MITU from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is a remarkably small and compact drone with dimensions of only 91 x 91 x 28 millimeters. Xiaomi MITU is about the size of a palm of the hand and can be transported accordingly.


This drone does not come with folding propellers. The Xiaomi MITU’s weight is 88 grams; therefore, no drone registration plate is required for this drone. The Xiaomi MITU is not only a small and compact drone but also has a great design.

This mini toy drone’s design is flawless and comparatively robust – there’s nothing to complain about. The same applies to the Xiaomi MITU’s quality of workmanship and material haptics, which is surprisingly impressive for a Chinese drone-manufacturer to pull this off, especially in the lower price range of 100$ and is therefore worth mentioning and praising.

The Xiaomi MITU is already pre-assembled and ready to fly (RTF = Ready To Fly) – only the propellers need to be attached to the rotors, and the battery charged.

If you wish, you can also install the propeller protectors supplied with the Xiaomi MITU. When mounting the propellers, you have to pay attention to the direction of rotation of the propellers and plug-in diagonal arrangement correspondingly left-turning and right-turning the propellers. The propellers are not self-locking – therefore, they should be mounted carefully but still firmly.

The Xiaomi MITU’s package contents are comparatively sparse. They include the drone, micro USB-to-USB cable, four replacement propellers, four prop guards, and a Quick Start Guide. The remote controller is not included in the package, as the Xiaomi MITU is wholly controlled via smartphone and does not require a controller.

If you want to give the Xiaomi MITU drone as a gift, make sure that the future owner already has a smartphone. In this regard, the drone is somewhat less suitable for small children and adolescents – here, the Xiaomi FIMI A3 with the integrated display in the flight controller is recommended.

It should also be noted that the corresponding smartphone app is only available in English (or Chinese) version. Therefore, you should have some knowledge of English if you want to use the Xiaomi MITU drone.

The battery is not charged externally.

The Xiaomi MITU’s battery is located at the top of the case and functions as a lid. To remove the battery, one only has to press the button on the side and open the drone’s locking mechanism. The orange battery can then be removed. The capacity of the battery is 920 mAh.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, this is sufficient for a flight time of about 10 minutes. However, the battery is not charged separately with an external charger, but via micro-USB connection directly on the drone. For you to charge the battery, the Xiaomi MITU’s 920 mAh battery must be plugged into the drone.

Ultrasonic and infrared sensor onboard

An exciting and noteworthy feature of the Xiaomi MITU drone is the rather precise flight stabilization. Although the Xiaomi MITU dispenses with both GPS and Glonass, the drone has ultrasonic sensor technology in return.

The ultrasonic sensor on the underside ensures precise and safe flight characteristics – same as more expensive brand drones such as the Parrot Anafi, DJI Mavic Pro, or DJI Mavic 2.

Thanks to its barometer, ultrasonic and optical flow sensors, and altitude hold function, the Xiaomi MITU drone can maintain altitude independently.

Thanks to its stable flight characteristics close to the ground, the drone is particularly suitable for beginners and novices. Simultaneously, the Xiaomi MITU drone can be launched and landed at the touch of a button, making it easy and safe to use.

In addition to the ultrasonic sensor or barometer, the Xiaomi drone is equipped with other sensors. Such as an infrared sensor. The infrared sensor is located directly next to the integrated camera unit. It allows you to shoot down other models of the Xiaomi MITU drone, so to speak.

The manufacturer has developed its own battle mode for this purpose, in which several drones can compete against each other. This makes the Xiaomi MITU an ideal toy and competition drone.

720p video resolution – but no image stabilization

The camera of the Xiaomi MITU drone is located directly under the infrared sensor. This camera has 1280 x 720 pixels in HD quality (720p) in video mode. Given the low purchase price, it offers a reasonable picture quality.

Alternatively, the Xiaomi MITU can also record photos with a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. Of course, the Xiaomi MITU drone is equipped with an FPV function. However, the image is transmitted to the smartphone with a comparatively long delay.

The image quality also leaves something to be desired. Photos and videos are stored on the drone’s local, internal memory, which has a capacity of three gigabytes.

There is no microSD card slot to expand the memory. Alternatively, the photos and movies are transferred and stored on the smartphone using WiFi. Then the image dropouts in the video material will also become visible. The connection range is specified as 50 meters. In practice, it is more likely to be 20 to 30 meters.

A significant drawback is that the Xiaomi MITU’s camera offers no compensation system at all – both a mechanical gimbal and electronic image stabilization are entirely dispensed with.

Since the Xiaomi MITU drone is susceptible to wind due to its low weight and compact dimensions, one should not expect too much from video quality.

Gusts of wind, changes of direction, as well as short-term signal dropouts during video transmission, are directly reflected in the image quality so that one should rather not expect high-quality aerial shots.

Nevertheless, the user benefits from stable altitude control and stable flight characteristics at low altitudes – the Xiaomi MITU feels especially comfortable in windless environments or indoors. However, the pictures and video recordings are more suitable for fun use. They do not really convey a high-quality image.

If you want stabilized videos, you should rather use the Ryze Tello drone. After all, it has electronic image stabilization and therefore offers higher quality video recordings.

Conclusion and evaluation

The MITU drone from Xiaomi convinces with its great workmanship and successful design. Simultaneously, the mini and toy drone is ideal for children and teenagers thanks to its stable flight characteristics at low altitudes and features such as a battle mode.

A conventional controller is omitted so that a smartphone and an app are essential for controlling the drone. The range is only 30 meters, and the FPV function is negatively affected by image dropouts. Nevertheless, the Xiaomi MITU drone is an affordable and worthwhile mini drone with a camera. If you can live without high-quality aerial shots and a long-range, it can become the ideal companion.

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