TIE Advanced x1 Drone Review

The TIE Advanced x1 Drone star wars fighter is also available in the Star Wars Drones range from Propel. The TIE fighter with its characteristic solar wings and enormous drive module is also being launched in a detailed quadrocopter model.


As in the film, the Tie Advanced x1 Drone is a progressive, experimental version of the original TIE fighter. An absolute must for Star Wars fans: the TIE Advanced X1 Drone from Propel comes in the wax-sealed, numbered deluxe collector’s box, which competes as a quadcopter model in exciting Drone Battles against 74-Z Speeder Bike, T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, or the later Millennium Falcon. Stay with us, and we will find out what the Propel Quadrocopter has to offer.

The fact that the toy and entertainment drones from Propel are great fan gadgets is made clear by the high-quality packaging alone. The packaging is comparatively large, the top of the numbered, and at the same time, wax-sealed packaging is removable. Whoever pushes the upper half of the packaging upwards and opens it will be presented with the Tie Advanced x1 Drone in a transparent plastic dome.

But there is more than that. Thanks to integrated LED lamps in the packaging, this drone model is indirectly illuminated. The original sound effects and noises from the Star Wars movies can be heard. This surprises and ensures that every Star Wars fan feels at home immediately.

The sound effects are model-specific and also change when the packaging is closed and reopened. The packaging design and packaging concept of the Propel Star Wars drones is unique and brilliantly thought-out.


You will find accessories such as a Quick Start Guide, controller, rotor cage or propeller guard, a charger including charging cable, and an extra battery in the lower half of the packaging. The accessories give a high-quality and long-lasting impression. It also comes with infrared sensors, later to be followed by lasers.

Each Star Wars drone from Propel is equipped with two infrared sensors – a receiver and a transmitter. Through these infrared sensors, the quadcopters can shoot down other quadcopters.

In total, 24 pilots can participate in the Drone Battle. The Cloud: If a drone is hit three times, the aircraft begins its descent with a slight spin and lands automatically. The manufacturer also wants to release a game environment that counts hits and crashes of the Star Wars drones with corresponding leaderboards.

Last but not least, there is also a rumor that the infrared sensors could be replaced with more precise laser sensors by a following upgrade kit. The laser technology should also make the firings visible – for example, with a fog machine’s help.


Tie Advanced x1 Drone controllers have classic physical joysticks and all kinds of unique keys. Also, the controllers are equipped with integrated loudspeakers. The pilot can enjoy the appropriate sound effects while flying – for example, to match the launch of an enemy.

The remote control of the TIE-Fighter X1 is black, while the remote control of the X-Wing is designed in matt white. If you give away the collector drone, you should also include matching AA batteries – these are not included and must be purchased as an option.

The remote control already has an extendable smartphone holder. This indicates once again that Propel will expand the in-house Star Wars ecosystem with a corresponding app – for iOS and Android.

Training mode and up to 50 km/h fast

In-flight, the ambitious drone pilot has a total of four flight modes available. In training mode – the T-mode – airspeed and flight distance are strongly limited.

The other three flight modes each offer different speed levels. The maximum flying speed of the drones is around 50 km/h. Using the controller’s shoulder buttons, the pilot can automatically perform 360-degree flips in all possible directions.

At the same time, the Tie Advanced x1 Drone can also be landed and launched automatically. Unfortunately, GPS and other sensors such as ultrasound are not included in the Star Wars drones.

Still, the quadcopters will fly comparatively stable and safe due to their integrated altimeter. And suppose you want to be on the safe side.

In that case, you can install the included Prop Guard – then the transparent propellers below the aircraft, which will protect it against crashes. During the Drone Battle, you should also choose a correspondingly large area with your opponents.

Conclusion and evaluation

The Star Wars drones from Propel are not only excellent collector’s items and great fan gadgets, but also sophisticated quadcopters in a class of their own. Only the comparatively high price might deter “normal” drone pilots. But collectors and Star Wars fans will get their money’s worth – hardly any recent Star Wars merch offers such a great experience.

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