SmartPlane Pro (FPV) Review

With the SmartPlane Pro (FPV), manufacturer TobyRich is launching two new aerobatic and racing aircraft easily controlled by smartphones. The Smart-Plane Pro features a ready-to-fly design, intuitive smartphone controls, and various control and flight modes.

The FPV version has an additional camera on board and comes with FPV goggles. This review will try out both versions of Smart-Plane Pro and clarify the most essential features, differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

Smart-Plane Pro: Cheap, but a little more expensive than TobyRich Mosquito drone

With Smart-Plane Pro, the dream of flying becomes a reality: The remote-controlled glider costs only 149$ and offers all kinds of functions and flight modes.

The RC glider, designed according to the Ready To Fly concept, is positioned above the TobyRich Mosquito. Although it costs a little more, it offers even more flight modes and functions.

Thanks to the specially developed fuselage and wing material, the Smart-Plane Pro is exceptionally robust against crashes. Beginners and younger pilots will therefore find Smart-Plane Pro a worthwhile RC aircraft that leaves nothing to be desired.

Smart-Plane Pro comes with a joystick, battery, battery sticks with USB connection, a manual, spare propeller, and a small tool for changing them. With a weight of a paltry 34 grams, Smart-Plane Pro is exceptionally light.

The wingspan of the RC glider is 30 centimeters, the length and height are 33 centimeters and 8 centimeters, respectively. In terms of power supply, the Smart-Plane Pro uses a 185 mAh LiPo battery, which can be fully charged within about 20 minutes and a conventional USB port or USB power plug.

  • Practical:

The USB port is directly integrated into the Smart-Plane Pro battery – so changing the battery and charging it using the Powerbank is quick and helpful.

Robust material made by TobyRich

The fuselage and wings (elevator and rudder) of the Smart-Plane Pro are made of so-called Durinum. This is a material that the Smart-Plane manufacturers have developed to production readiness in a test and development phase lasting several years. In contrast to other common foam materials such as EPP, EPS, or EPO, Durinum is characterized by its particularly high durability.

Durinum components of the Smart-Plane – such as the fuselage or wings – can easily withstand even more severe crashes. So that the damage taken in an impact can be easily absorbed during the first flight tests.

The Smart-Plane Pro also offers high-quality material properties – the mini-RC aircraft looks not only well-thought-out and mature but also durable and robust. The propeller of the Smart-Plane Pro can be replaced should it be damaged in a crash.

Intuitive app control and incredible stunts

Smart-Plane Pro is controlled by an intuitive app control with variable levels of difficulty. So that both beginners and advanced pilots are offered a flight profile that meets their requirements. The control maneuvers are mainly performed by tilting and inclining the Smart-Plane Pro, accelerating the app’s corresponding thrust control.

With the included joystick, you can turn any smartphone into a gamepad and enjoy more conventional controls. Simply place the joystick on the smartphone display using the suction cup holder. The Smart-Plane Pro has an auto-stabilization feature and can perform various stunts entirely automatically at the touch of a button or by the smartphone’s shaking and gesture movements.

Among other things, actions such as loops, rolls, or a special helicopter mode are available. The app is also equipped with all sorts of tutorials in which animations explain how is the best way to start, land, and pilot the aircraft.

The range of Smart-Plane Pro is absolutely sufficient for conventional flight maneuvers – without obstacles, the entire range is 100 meters via Bluetooth Smart. This makes Smart-Plane Pro compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

Smart-Plane Pro FPV: With First Person View

Smart-Plane Pro is also available with FPV video glasses for a small additional charge. In the FPV version, Smart-Plane is equipped with a small video camera which finally transmits flight pictures, and flight videos live directly to the supplied video glasses.

The video goggles are of comparatively high-quality workmanship and have various adjustment options and connections. The screen is integrated into the video glasses. Therefore, the smartphone does not have to be inserted into the FPV glasses. Because of the low purchase price, the FPV setup of the Smart-Plane Pro FPV is absolutely sufficient and offers excellent flying fun.


The fun factor of the Smart-Plane Pro is enormously high. The price/performance ratio, control options, and FPV setup are all in tune with each other. Giving both younger and older pilots great pleasure when piloting a glider. The RC model aircraft from TobyRich makes the dream of flying for little money a reality – a great product that is worth the money.

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