Parrot Mambo FPV Review

Parrot equipped a fun toy drone with the Mambo Drone in this segment, with a gripping arm and a mini-gun. Within this Parrot Mambo FPV Review, we will look at this funny little thing and determine why the Parrot Mambo is an absolute must-have.

Parrot Mambo FPV Review Toy quadcopter

This tiny Parrot Mambo drone weighs just 63 grams and perfectly fits your hand’s palm due to its compact dimensions of 18 x 18 centimeters. 

Visually and haptically, the Parrot Mambo gives a high-quality impression, even though it is a toy drone situated in the lower price range. On the front of it, the Parrot Mambo has green, brightly lit LEDs that glow in an eye’s shape, thus giving it a cool appearance. 

On the top side, the Parrot Mambo has small electrical contact to which the gadgets supplied with it can be connected. The Parrot Mambo comes with a USB charger, gripping arm, note clip, cannon, cannonballs, and a quick start guide. However, the Quadcopter does not come with remote control.

This drone relies on virtual control via a smartphone app. Those who want to have a physical remote control with real joysticks can buy the optional Parrot FlyPad that costs $67.99. It will also increase the remote control range from 65 to 200 feet. 

Unfortunately, replacement propellers are not available in their package. Still, the manufacturer offers numerous accessories in the Parrot accessories section – not only replacement propellers, but also housings and screws, replacement and additional batteries, or even motors.

Gadgets and accessories:

 The Parrot Mambo Drone comes with three essential accessories. These accessories are more or less Lego-like bricks that are attached to the top of the case. Parrot supplies a brick with a simple paper clip that can you can use to transport business cards or small messages and notes from A to B, for example. Especially a spectacular feature is the included cannon, which can hold six light green plastic balls and eject them out at relatively high speed.

The range of the projectiles is about two meters. The Parrot Mambo cannot be adequately aimed, but shooting is a lot of fun. The firing power is not robust so that the Mini Cannons do not pose a real danger.

 The gripping arm, which can be controlled electrically or via an app, is also great. This drone can transport sugar cubes or other small objects weighing up to four grams and drop them at any desired target. In practice, the Parrot Mambo Quadrocopter is extremely enjoyable.


On the Parrot Mambo Quadrocopter’s underside, there is a small camera that you will be using to take some snapshots. The camera function is cool, but due to the low resolution of only 300.000 pixels, it does not offer an excellent image quality. Nevertheless, the camera, including the photo function, is a nice gimmick, especially as cameras on mini quadcopters have become an absolute rarity.

Stable flight attitude thanks to sensor technology

Unlike most mini drones in this price range and size, the Parrot Mambo is not only equipped with a 3-axis gyroscope. The mini Quadcopter comes with an ultrasonic sensor and a pressure sensor, which stabilizes the flight attitude much better than most mini drones. Thanks to these sensors, the Parrot Mambo lies like an air board thanks to the additional camera sensor for horizontal stabilization. 

The constant “counter-steering” to maintain altitude, which is quite tricky for beginners, is a thing of the past with the Parrot Mambo. This is why the mini Quadcopter is much more fun – and safe – than other toy drones. The flight time of the Parrot Mambo is around eight to nine minutes – depending on weather conditions. The charging time of the 550 mAh battery is about 30 minutes.

Smartphone control

Controlling the Quadcopter with a smartphone takes some time getting used to – as, with most Parrot drones, virtual joysticks help you pilot the Quadcopter. This mode works surprisingly well and reliably. The free FreeFlight Mini-App is available for both iOS and Android and offers not only functions for piloting the Quadcopter, but also buttons for taking photos and, depending on the gadget used, a switch to trigger the respective process. 

Another cool thing about it is the take-off and landing function (Take-Off & Landing), with the help of which the Parrot Mambo Quadrocopter can be safely and stably launched or landed at a touch of a button. The range between smartphones and Quadcopter is only 20 meters due to the Bluetooth connection. If you want to have a broader range of 60 meters, the optional FlyPad must be purchased.

Conclusion and recommendation

The Parrot Mambo FPV is a lot of fun, and it has a stable flight attitude and a wide range of functions. Although the Mambo quadcopter is somewhat more expensive than other mini and fun drones, the toy drone not only impresses with its outstanding functions but also with its practical smartphone control and extensive sensor technology. We hope you liked our Parrot Mambo FPV Review, and we look forward to letting us know what your opinion is about this mini drone.

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