Mavic Mini 2 rumors confirmed by FCC leak

The Dji Mavic Mini 2 from DJI is a real one, and it’s not far away. That at least can be concluded from a new leak, which shows a photo from an FCC report, including the latest DJI drone’s FCC sticker and thus reveals some details right away.

The DJI, which is launching a new generation of its Mavic Mini Drone after just under 12 months, was more than surprised at the first signs, even for us. Our thoughts and a complete wish list for the Mavic Mini 2 are already summarized here.

But now the rumors about the Mavic Mini 2 seem to be confirmed. At least if you believe a new photo that has now been distributed on the web.

Mavic Mini 2 as an x-ray image

The new information’s starting point is a picture that has been distributed via Twitter by the well-known DJI-Leaker OsitaLV. It shows a photo of a drone as an X-ray image. This is supposed to be the Mavic Mini 2.

From what you can see on the outside of the drone image, the Mavic Mini 2 doesn’t seem very different from the Mavic Mini. The second generation also has a kind of trunk lid behind which the flight battery disappears.

But the USB port reveals that this is not a photo of the first generation Mavic Mini. DJI used micro-USB for the Mavic Mini. The Mavic Mini II finally has a USB Type-C interface – something we also wanted to see in our Mavic Mini review.

Apart from that, the x-ray image itself doesn’t reveal much. The LED status indicator is located in the same place as on the first Mavic Mini. The microSD card slot is also in its original position.

FCC stickers with more details

However, in this context, the picture seems to be used only to clarify the future sticker’s position with all device information and comes from a brand new FCC report. This sticker has often been the first source of information about new DJI products in the past. It is from the FCC registration process in the USA.

Like the Mavic Mini, the sticker fits inside the tailgate of the drone. That in itself is, of course, not very exciting. Much more interesting is what can be seen on the sticker.

Although the official name of the Mavic Mini 2 is not yet on the label, there is already a model number, and it speaks volumes. Therefore the Mavic Mini 2 will be named “MT2PD”, which is absolutely in line with the Mavic Mini 1 (EU: MT1SS5, Japan: MT1SD25).

Furthermore, the FCC sticker already tells us something about the capacity of the battery. Here we are talking about a voltage supply of 7.7V and a total of 2250 mAh. For comparison, there is no information about voltage or capacity on the sticker on the first generation Mavic Mini. However, the Mavic Mini uses a battery with a 7.2V nominal voltage and 2400 mAh.

Another FCC report, which we found using the FCC ID “SS3-MT2PD2007” on the sticker, also presents the WLAN and Bluetooth radio modules’ test results. This should be a strong indication that the second Mavic Mini is also controlled by an “Enhanced WiFi connection.” Our (far-fetched) request for OcuSync 2.0 support is thus again moving further away.

Russian online store lists 4K support.

Almost simultaneously, with the emergence of the FCC information, a Russian online store called has already launched a product page for a “DJI Mini 2” drone. Both leaks have the model number “MT2PD” in common.

According to the information on the website, the Mavic Mini 2 will continue to use its 12 MP camera sensor, but will finally use 4K video.

Mavic Mini 2: What does it all mean?

For us, with the release of this FCC information, it is now clear: Mavic Mini 2 is coming. And it will come soon, because, in the past, DJI has only sent this kind of information to the relevant authorities just before a product launch. Likewise, the deadlines can be met.

We suspect that we will see the new drone on the market in November, or at the latest in early December.

Nothing more is known about the price yet. However, it is reasonable to assume that we will move in similar areas as the first Mavic Mini generation.

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