JJRC H37 Elfie Review

What Makes JJRC H37 Elfie A Great Drone

JJRC H37 Elfie is a very affordable nano drone for first-time users. In case that you are new to the world of drones, this nano drone is a great way to get started. The 6-axis gyro technology that comes with this device makes it possible to fly it very easily.

This quadcopter is actually intended for novice users, and so it is really easy to fly. Suppose you want to use a controller besides your smartphone. In that case, you can use the H47 GYRO CONTROLLER, which is compatible with this mini drone. This allows you to control the drone and the direction and the speed of the drone much better than a smartphone will.

It is a tiny quadcopter, and so it can reach speeds of up to 12 meters per second. It is so small that it can literally be flown indoors, and it is also great for kids. The Elfie is also very lightweight, and it is easy to carry around. The JJRC H37 Elfie has a headless mode, which means it can fly in any direction you point it to without adjusting the drone’s position and the nose’s direction.

This drone uses 2.4 GHz technology, which is the most commonly used wireless technology for radio-controlled models. It has a unique feature that allows you to use the headless mode. This mode will enable you to fly the drone without worrying about which direction the drone’s head is, as all controls are relative to the quadcopter’s tail.

One of the most attractive features of this drone is its ability to perform a 360-degree flip in the air. This is something that is not usually seen in drones this small.

The H37 is also very responsive, and it is fast. The H37 is a great little drone to have when you want to have some fun. Another great thing about the H37 is that it is very durable, and it comes with a spare set of propellers. This nano drone does not have an HD camera.

The JJRC H37 Elfie quadcopter comes with a camera with a resolution of 640 x 480. This is pretty small, but it is enough for a drone this size. It also comes with a 2 GB Micro SD card, which is bigger than the 1 GB memory card which comes with the Cheerson CX-10WD drone.

  • Stable flight
  • Easy to control
  • Responsive controls
  • Altitude hold
  • Fast and agile
  • Headless mode
  • One key return home
  • LED lights
  • It can be flown indoors and outdoors.
  • Small battery
  • No HD Camera
  • Has no GPS
  • Can only perform basic stunts

Final Thought:

The JJRC H37 Elfie is a great drone for beginners and experts. It is stable, easy to control, responsive, and fast. The number of features has also made it great for those looking for something a little more advanced.

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