How To Make Money With A Drone

How to make money with a drone. I have been waiting on this post for a long time. This is a guide full of real-world testimonials and tips on how to make money with a drone.
Because you see, I’ve been making money with a drone for over a year now. I’ve been flying my DJI Phantom 2 for aerial photography and video since late 2012. It’s been a fantastic experience.

I’ve gotten to meet new people, experience new places, and make a little extra cash here and there. I love it. And I’m hoping you’ll love it too. So let’s get right into it.

How To Make Money With A Drone

How to make money with a drone.

I’m going to go through all the different ways on how to make money with a drone. Some of this stuff is out of the box thinking, and I’m sure some people have already done some of these things. I just haven’t seen it all in one place. So here are the different ways on how to make money with a drone.

  1. Commercial Drone Photography

This is one of the more significant moneymakers with a drone. Commercial aerial photography will pay some of the highest rates, but it’s not as easy as you might think. You’ll need to get a remote pilot certificate, which can be a bit of a pain. You’ll have to learn how to fly legally, stay below 400 feet, and avoid restricted areas. You’ll also need to have liability insurance. Now, if you have all this setup, you can start making some serious money.

  1. Real Estate Photography

I have done a handful of real estate shoots with my drone. Real estate photography is a pretty easy way to get started. I’ve been able to do this pretty much all on my own. Basically, you just have to go to the property, take some pictures and send them off to the agent. You can make a few hundred bucks per shoot. The best part is you can usually just show up and do it yourself, and there’s no real certification required.

  1. Wedding Photography

Drones are also an excellent tool for wedding photographers. It’s a fun time to get a drone because you can offer something a little different from your competition. You can provide an aerial view of the venue, the bride and groom leaving the church, a different perspective of the first dance, etc. If you do weddings, you can make a few hundred bucks for a few hours of work.

  1. Wildlife Photography

If you’re interested in wildlife photography, you should definitely try out your drone. Drones are a great tool for photographing animals in their natural habitat. The only thing you need is a drone, some batteries, and a good camera. A lot of people have been doing this, so there’s not a lot of money here. But if you’re looking to do a little freelance work, you can make a few hundred bucks a month.

  1. Aerial Cinematography

I haven’t done this yet, but you can do some pretty amazing things if you have the right camera. If you want to make money shooting video, this is probably the most lucrative way to do it. You’ll need a good camera, and you’ll need to set up a YouTube channel. YouTube is a vast platform. You can shoot your own commercials, or you can shoot videos for other YouTube channels. You can also make a few hundred bucks per shoot.

  1. Stock Videos

If you want to get more into the video industry, you can make some money on stock videos. There are many stock video sites out there where you can upload your videos and make a few dollars. It’s pretty awesome.

  1. Post Production

If you’re really interested in video, you can also do some post-production. You’ll need to edit the videos, add music, etc.

  1. Your Own YouTube Channel

If you have a drone and a camera, you can have your own YouTube channel. You can basically do whatever you want. You can do tutorials, reviews, how-to videos, etc. This one may take some time to get going, but you can make some money as you grow your audience.


There are many different ways on how to make money with a drone, but the best way is to use a combination of these methods. Drones are a new and growing industry. With the ability to film and photograph from angles not previously possible, they are becoming fixtures in the commercial world. There are many ways to make money with drones, but most are just starting to be explored. We would recommend the best drone to make money with, the DJI Mavic Pro. That’s because it is one of the best drones on the market. It’s small, powerful, portable, easy to use, and it’s well-supported with a great number of features.

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