Eachine E58 Mini Drone Review

The Eachine E58 Mini drone is nothing more than a DJI Mavic Pro replica on closer inspection. The quadrocopter is by far smaller than the real Mavic. However, the mini-drone can also be folded.

The price is much lower than the original product at just over $73.58. The real question here, however, is how much can you expect from the Eachine E58? Is it as good as the Mavic Pro?

Eachine E58 design

Like the real thing, the quadrocopter folds up and unfolds again when you want to take off.

When folded, the Eachine E58 is about the size of a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The drone is then 12.5cm long, 7.5cm wide, and only 5cm high.

Thus, it significantly undercuts the dimensions of the Mavic Pro. When unfolded, the Eachine E58 is considerably larger but can still be counted as a mini drone. (27×19,5×5).

The drone’s weight is precisely 96g, making it an absolute lightweight in the drone world. Thanks to the low take-off weight, the drone does not require a license plate, as would be the case with the Phantom 3 Pro, for example.

The remote control and the Eachine itself lie well in hand, and it feels valuable. 3 1.5AA batteries must be inserted into the remote control.

In the Fly-More-Combo package, there are 2 additional batteries, making the flight time much longer.

Each battery has a capacity of 500mAh and can be charged with any USB charging cable. Also, the batteries for the remote control must be purchased separately.

Spare propellers are unfortunately not included but can be purchased at Amazon.

Eachine E58 Camera

There are two different versions of the Eachine E58. A 0.3 MP camera and another version that has 2MP and costs only $8 more. This is money well spent at this price point. Honestly, we don’t understand why there are two versions. This is the only difference between the two models.

The 2MP version can record videos with a resolution of 720P. The video recordings are really good for this price, and the image is “relatively” stable.

But since the quadrocopter does not have a gimbal, the video recordings are still a bit shaky. This is something the drone can’t compensate for with a stable flight, either. The videos will always be a bit shaky.

But snapshots like a selfie or taking pictures of the garden or your own house, that’s what the Mavic Clone is suitable for.

If we’re being sincere, you simply can’t expect Hollywood-ready shots for this price. Nevertheless, the photos are okay so far and are sufficient for recreational use.

If you want to buy a drone for commercial use, you should take a closer look at the original Mavic Pro. If you need a high-end model, check out our Phantom 4 review.

Flight test Eachine E58

Launching and landing the Eachine E58 drone is quick and easy. By simply pressing a button in the app, the flight starts. The copter goes to a starting altitude of just under one meter – so very beginner-friendly!

The drone is controlled via the JY UFO app, which is available for free in the IOS Store and Android. It’s free to download, and no registration is required (like DJI).

There is no delay when the mini copter is in the air, and it immediately does what we command it to do via the remote control.

Due to the integrated barometer, the drone can also hover independently in the air in one place.

In light winds, the copter starts to wobble slightly, but you only notice it when the drone stops on the spot. Otherwise, you practically don’t feel the headwind.

After a little time to get used to it, we felt confident with the mini copter.

The flight time is about 8 minutes under full throttle. If the full throttle is not flown all the time, then a flight time of 9 minutes can also be achieved.

The battery can be easily replaced right after flying, and the pleasure of flying continues.

The speed of the copter can be controlled in 3 different levels. The slowest mode is suitable for video recordings, as the camera movement is more relaxed and less jerky.

The headless mode ensures that the drone always flies exactly in the direction that is addressed by the remote control. No matter if the snout of the E58 points to us, to the left, to the right, or to the front. This mode can make flying easier, especially for beginners.

You can trigger 360° flips in the app by pressing a button. The app supports forward, backward and sideways flips. Ensure that there are no obstacles within a radius of at least 3m that the copter could fly into in an emergency.

After a flip, the copter needs a short time to stabilize. Sometimes it drifts half a meter.

However, this is not a problem if you pay attention to the obstacle clearance around the drone. We had a lot of fun flipping the E 58, which is a great feature!

After testing out several beginner drones, we really have to say that the flight characteristics of the Eachine are exceptionally good for this price.

We would even go so far as to say that this mini quadcopter is our personal test winner in the flight performance department. This is mainly due to the very stable flight characteristics, which is a great advantage, especially for inexperienced drone pilots.


The price-performance ratio is absolutely top in this model, in our opinion, and you get a very generous package. This is the perfect entry-level drone for any beginner.

When it comes to selfies, the Eachine E58 drone quadrocopter takes good photos. The 2MP version can also produce one or two usable video recordings.

That being said, we can give a clear buy recommendation for this mini drone. Currently, there are very cheap deals on Amazon for this model.

This one isn’t suitable for professional use, of course. If you’re looking for a drone with a good camera, take a closer look at our tested models from Hubsan or DJI.

We recommend the Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, or Phantom 4 (already at the top end of the range) for the more demanding photographer or filmmaker.

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