Eachine E016H Mini Drone Review

The Eachine E016H mini drone brand does not only offer drones with a camera like the Drone X Pro but also mini drones and fun dronesThe Eachine E016H is a prime example of such a mini drone. It impresses with its high fun factor and robust material structure.

We have tested the Eachine E016H Mini drone, and we will explain in detail what this mini drone can do.

Inexpensive fun drone

The Eachine E016H is not an expensive camera drone, but rather belongs to the more robust mini-drones category. Therefore high-quality aerial shots with this mini drone are not possible. Still, the Eachine E016H quadcopter offers a high fun factor thanks to its agile flight characteristics and robust construction.

Besides the drone itself and its flight controller, you will also get spare propellers (2 x clockwise, 2 x counterclockwise), a USB charging adapter, a screwdriver to open the battery compartment of the remote control as well as a user manual and a comprehensive instruction manual for the Eachine E016H.

Moreover, the manufacturer includes not only one, but two of the 350 mAh sized batteries as standard. This mini’s drone price is just $25.99. Compared to other mini drones, this quadcopter is within the usual price range of some other cheap toy drones. However: the Batteries (2x AA batteries) for the remote control are not included in the package.

Design: Eachine E016H mini drone

The design of the Eachine E016H is to be a fun mini drone, ideal as a beginner for an entry-level drone thanks to its low price. The Eachine E016H will help get into piloting a much bigger quadcopter and possibly discover a new hobby.

The mini drone is also suitable as a gift for kids. Its compact size of only 8.8 x 8.8 x 3.0 centimeters makes it particularly attractive for indoor use in the living room or office. Since the neon green mini drone has a kind of propeller cage, the Eachine E016H can be used indoors without any problems due to the low risk of injury.

Simultaneously, the risk of damaging the engines and propellers in a crash is shallow. According to current legislation, you will not need a drone license plate or even a drone driver’s license for this mini drone due to its low weight. The motors of the Eachine E016H are not brushless but brushed. They are cheaper to manufacture, but this means they will make a louder flight noise.

Double flight time thanks to its two batteries

This mini drone indicates a flight time of about eight minutes. In our practical test, we could even achieve a flight time of over ten minutes – commendable! Thanks to the second battery, which comes with the drone, you can even enjoy up to 20 minutes of flight time with a short break needed to change the battery. Like other cheap toy drones, Eachine E016H doesn’t have a camera on the nose, but a small LED light.

It is a useful feature because the LED light informs you about the flight direction or position of the mini drone, and on the other hand, it warns you by flashing when the battery is low. If the battery is low, the small mini drone is even able to land automatically.

However, the Eachine E016H mini drone does not have Return to Home functions because the mini drone lacks GPS. For you to charge the battery, the manufacturer supplies a USB charging adapter that you will use to plug it in the USB port of a PC or the USB port of a conventional USB charging power supply. The charging time is about one hour.

Simple control for beginners and novices

The control of the Eachine E016H comes with the supplied flight controller. The flight remote control is usually already connected to the drone at delivery so that you can only switch it on, and the remote control will connect immediately. The remote control of the Eachine E016H mini drone has the usual switches and buttons – like two joysticks, on/off switches, and two shoulder buttons.

You will use the right shoulder button to fly flips and somersaults, while the left shoulder button will switch between speed levels. In total, this mini drone offers three-speed levels called L, M, and H. Speed level H activates the maximum speed, while speed in L and M mode is reduced to 30% and 60%, respectively.

With the lower left switch, the drone’s motors can be activated by a short push in the left direction and deactivated by a longer push. If, on the other hand, the left button is pressed to the right, the headless mode is activated and deactivated. Headless Mode means that the control commands are held regardless of the drone’s position – starting from the start or when the drone is in air. 

Meaning that the flight directions to the left and right in the pilot’s view are retained even if the quadrocopter has rotated around its own axis, making the control and orientation much easier for beginners and novices. Finally, the Eachine E061H has a switch for calibration to achieve an even more stable flight condition.


The Eachine E016H mini drone shows stable and very light flight behavior. Thanks to a second battery, there is also enough flight time left for flying. Optics, design, and construction are not only cool but also robust. Essential flight functions like a headless mode or 360-degree flips complete the excellent impression of a well-thought-out mini- and fun drone. Although there are many cheap drones out there, we recommend you should try the Eachine E016H.

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