Dromida Vista FPV Drone Review

The Dromida Vista FPV drone is a newcomer among the mini and fun quadcopters. The Dromida Vista comes with hard-wearing materials and extensive package. You can read what the Dromida Ominus Quadrocopter’s big brother still has on the box in our article.

Dromida Vista FPV Quadcopter comes with durable materials

The Dromida Vista Quadcopter is an entirely pre-assembled fun drone. Thanks to the integrated gyroscope and accelerometers, it is especially suitable for beginners and newcomers.

Housing and propellers are made of durable materials and can easily overcome the enemy contact. In terms of design, the Vista Quadcopter from Dromida offers a strong impression – two of the four propellers are even contrasting in color, thus simplifying orientation when flying and piloting.

The quadcopter’s weight is only 122 grams, while the diagonal center distance is about 250 millimeters. Without a doubt, the eye-catching very bright LED lights are a sensation, which also provides information about the flight direction or position of the quadrocopter and cannot be missing in current quadcopters of this price class. 

Also, the LED lights always warn when the battery charge is nearing its end. The package includes the quadcopter, SLT remote control, LiPo battery, USB charger, and three AAA batteries.

The manufacturer also included an extra set of spare propellers if a crash has caused damage. Furthermore, the Vista drone is available in four colors (blue, green, red, and black/white).

The enclosed SLT remote control operates via a 2.4 GHz network and allows the drone to be controlled from a distance of about 50 meters. The battery life is about 12 to 15 minutes and depends on the flight characteristics and conditions.

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Dromida Vista FPV drone with camera:

Screenshot 2016-01-04 at 16.40.46An advanced version of the Dromida Vista FPV has, in addition to the already mentioned advantages, a camera that can record videos in a resolution of up to 720p and still images with a resolution of one megapixel.

The images are stored on a four-gigabyte MicroSD memory card, which, like the camera itself, is part of the standard delivery. The camera image is transferred to a smartphone and is available here for FPV (First Person View). Also, there are four flight modes (Easy, Normal, Advanced, and Expert), which differ in agility and reaction behavior, thus ensuring individuality in flight.


Size: 251-millimeter diameter

Weight: 122 grams

Battery: 850 mAh (1S LiPo battery)

MR100 SLT remote control


RTF- (Ready to Fly) Quadrocopter

SLT remote control (MR100)

LiPo battery and USB charger

AAA Batteries

Replacement Propeller


Conclusion and recommendation

The Dromida Vista Fpv is a praiseworthy fun and toy quadcopter characterized by great design, four flight modes, and an almost unshakable housing. Perfectly suitable for beginners!

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