DJI Osmo Mobile 4 Review

The new DJI OM4 was presented on August 26, 2020. The DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is the latest smartphone Stabilizer from Chinese manufacturer DJI. It is expected to impress with its advanced folding mechanism, compact and foldable design, or new smart features. In this review, we will describe what makes the DJI OM4 stand out.

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 (OM4) Introduction

The fourth-generation DJI Osmo Mobile is a foldable smartphone stabilizer or smartphone gimbal that can create stable, low-shake video recordings. 

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 offers butter-soft moving images and comes with all kinds of original recording functions for camera panning, object tracking, and recording effects. 

Gesture control and app control via the DJI Mimo app are also on board. The official name is not DJI Osmo Mobile 4, but DJI OM4.

At first glance, the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 (OM4) differs from previous generations of the smart DJI gimbal mainly by its light grey, almost whitish design. 

With dimensions of 276 x 119.6 x 103.6 millimeters (unfolded) and 163 x 99.5 x 46.5 millimeters (folded) and a weight of only 390 grams, the DJI OM4 is still a comparatively compact and lightweight smartphone gimbal. What is new, however, is the possibility of assembling the smartphone with the gimbal.

A combo version of the DJI OM4 is not available. Instead, the $149 inexpensive smartphone gimbal comes with a broad and complete set of accessories. All essential accessories are included directly. 

These include the magnetic smartphone clip, magnetic ring holder, wrist strap, or loop for attaching to the wrist, carrying pouch, tripod or tripod, and USB-C cable for charging the DJI Osmo Mobile 4.

A power supply unit or USB power adapter is not included in the package. It must be purchased separately if not already available. Also, the battery of the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is permanently integrated and, therefore, cannot be easily replaced.

Setup and balancing are now even more comfortable, faster, and more intuitive. Making the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 even more convenient and trouble-free to use than previous generations. 

The workmanship of the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is perfect and of the highest quality. In terms of touch and appearance, the DJI OM4 ensures the well-known DJI quality, making a great impression despite its low purchase price. 

The folding mechanism and compact dimensions make the DJI OM4 easy to transport and extremely portable. Simultaneously, the user also benefits from the low weight of only 390 grams, which should be noticeable in continuous use. 

Not only the low weight is remarkable in this sense, but also the ergonomics of the handle. The handle’s angle has now been changed by about 15° so that the DJI OM4 fits even better in hand, and it is fun to use the smartphone gimbal.

Convenient and easy smartphone cradle

With the DJI Osmo Mobile 4, there are now two ways to assemble the smartphone with the gimbal. Firstly, DJI provides a magnetic clip that can be left on the smartphone and, if required, magnetically attached to the handheld gimbal along with the smartphone.

The magnetic clamp on the smartphone allows for quick mounting and dismounting. The practical use is much more convenient and faster. On the other hand, a magnetic ring holder is included in the package. This is glued to the back of the smartphone and functions on the one hand as a PopSocket finger holder. On the other hand, it enables a magnetic attachment to the smartphone gimbal. 

For the balancing and camera compensation to work correctly, the magnetic ring holder must be glued directly to the smartphone’s back. The ring holder should not be attached to a smartphone case.

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 (OM4): Key Features and Innovations

  • Price: from $149
  • official name: DJI OM4 (DJI Osmo Mobile 4)
  • the foldable design and magnetic smartphone holder
  • stronger compensation motors for better camera compensation
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 276 x 119.6 x 103.6 millimeters
  • Dimensions (folded): 163 x 99.5 x 46.5 millimeters
  • compatible smartphone weight: 230 grams (± 60 grams)
  • Operating time: approx. 15 hours (under ideal conditions)
  • new, intelligent recording modes (e.g. ActiveTrack 3.0)
  • USB-C charging port and USB-A port for external devices
  • compatible smartphone thickness: 6.9 to 10 millimeters
  • compatible smartphone width: 67 to 84 millimeters
  • App control via Bluetooth and DJI Mimo app
  • Weight of the DJI Osmo Mobile 4: 390 grams
  • Weight of the magnetic clamp: 32.6 grams
  • Weight of the ring holder: 11.4 grams
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery with 2.450 mAh
  • incl. 1/4 inch thread and tripod

Smartphone compatibility for iOS and Android devices

The new DJI OM4 is compatible with a wide range of iOS and Android devices. This includes all smartphones weighing approximately 230 grams (± 60 grams).

DJI also states that the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 can be used with smartphones with a full width of 67 to 84 millimeters and a maximum thickness of 6.9 to 10 millimeters. 

The DJI OM4 should, therefore, supports most commercially available smartphones without any problems. These include iOS models such as the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple iPhone 11 Pro or Apple iPhone XS Max, and Android devices such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, Honor 30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or Xioami Mi CC9 Pro or Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

An integrated rechargeable battery provides 15 hours of running time.

A lithium-ion battery (18650) with a capacity of 2,450 mAh is integrated into the handle of the DJI Osmo Mobile 4.

The battery can still not be replaced. Compared to the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 has an identical battery capacity and a similar operating time of up to 15 hours. A full battery charge with a 10 Watt charger takes approximately 2.5 hours

The battery is charged using the supplied USB-C cable and the USB-C charging port on the right-hand side. Simultaneously, the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 can charge the smartphone during use via the USB-A port on the right side of the handle. In addition to the smartphone, the integrated battery can also charge other electronics – similar to a power bank.

Comfortable balancing thanks to integrated sensor

Another feature of the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is its ultra-simple balancing. While previous generations of the DJI Osmo Mobile have been criticized for the smartphone’s somewhat difficult positioning, the smartphone’s balancing and alignment on the DJI OM4 is much easier and more natural. 

The magnetic holding clip has an integrated sensor system so that the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 automatically detects whether the smartphone is perfectly aligned in the clip. Another great feature is that the gimbal automatically turns into the correct position when the device is switched off. The smartphone does not collide with the gimbal. The DJI OM4 automatically goes into standby mode as soon as the smartphone is removed from the gimbal.

Trigger button, M button, and zoom slider

Fortunately, the fourth generation DJI Osmo Mobile continues to feature the handy trigger button. With the Trigger button, you can control ActiveTrack 3.0, center the camera view or gimbal, activate the sports mode, or switch between the smartphone’s front or rear camera.

In addition to the trigger, the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is equipped with a record button, M button, battery status and LED operation indicator, a zoom slider, or a 1/4″ tripod mount. For example, with the M button, you can switch between photo or video recording or landscape or portrait format in a fraction of a second.

Holding down the M button can also turn the DJI OM4 on and off or put it in standby mode. It’s a bit of a pity that the joystick still only allows horizontal and vertical movements. Diagonal camera pans are, therefore, not possible with the joystick. 

All in all, it can be said that the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 still convinces with its user-friendly operation due to the different key assignments and switching options. The DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is fun to use, thanks to the individual key assignment options and the user interface designed for one-handed operation.

ActiveTrack 3.0, DynamicZoom, Spin Shot, or CloneMe Pano

The DJI OM4 has a whole host of smart recording features. ActiveTrack 3.0 is still on board so that both static and moving objects can be tracked. This makes the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 also suitable for interviews or vlogs, as the tracked object can always remain in the center of the image. The ActiveTrack 3.0 function of the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 can be activated by a trigger, gesture control, or by manual selection on the smartphone screen. 

For spectacular and action-packed shots, the DJI Osmo Mobile 4 offers smart functions such as DynamicZoom, Spin Shot, or CloneMe Pano. DynamicZoom is similar to the well-known dolly zoom function and enables the so-called Vertigo effect or colloquial dolly zoom movie effect, which became known above all through Hitchcock’s eponymous title “Vertigo” from 1958. The film effect makes use of an optical illusion and thus creates the dizzying impression of a compressed or stretched space. 

Of course, there are also intelligent shooting modes such as hyper-lapse or motion lapse, which offer great video results and are ideal for cinematographic image results.


The DJI OM4 is hardly different from its predecessors in terms of functionality. However, DJI has made improvements in terms of operation and user-friendliness: Magnetic holders allow the smartphone to be attached to the Stabilizer in a fraction of a second, making it even more convenient and intuitive to use. In addition to easier operation, the user also benefits from an even lighter weight and an even more compact design. And with a price of $149, the DJI OM4 is affordable, still offers the usual quality of workmanship.

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