Contixo F24 Pro Review

This article will evaluate the Contixo F24 Pro drone, which is an excellent buy for those looking for a camera drone.

An excellent HD camera is included in the Contixo F24 Pro drone, which enables you to record video clips in 2.7K and take pictures in 4K. This comes with numerous trendy features like GPS, smart flight mode, and gesture control mode, allowing you to take photos and video clips with simple hand gestures.

Contixo has been in the consumer drone market for a relatively short time. They haven’t released numerous drones, but the ones they have released have been trendy. This is one of them, Contixo F24 Pro.

As mentioned sometimes in our reviews, we have a great selection of high-quality, affordable drones. The Contixo F24 Pro is actually on the more excellent end of the low-priced drone market. As you will absolutely see in this review, it is a genuinely exceptional drone.

On many websites, this drone is listed as a 4K one. This is technically correct. While this is true, most people will assume that it indicates that the drone can record in 4K video clips. Sadly, it is stating the resolution of the image. 

This is a bit misleading since we have even seen numerous other drone businesses do this. Explanation: We have included this edit because we do not want our readers to be misled. In this case, the drone does have an image resolution of 4K. This is the resolution of the camera, as opposed to the resolution of the video.

Actually, there is no call for this, as although it has a 2.7K camera, the video quality is pretty good.

Contixo F24 Pro Review

As its name suggests, the Contixo F24 Pro is an updated model of an earlier model of this particular UAV. The main improvement is its 2.7K wide-angle camera, which we’ll discuss later in this testimonial.

Currently, one feature of the drone that we don’t quite like is its design. The Contixo F24 Pro is a folding drone, which most of you will recognize (if you take a look at our reviews regularly) are our favorite types of drones.

The folding UAVs are plausibly the typical kind of service drones. Also, their attributes make them exceptional drones to take a trip with.

The concern we have along with the Contixo F24 Pro is that its own main body is actually a bit cumbersome for our taste.

The drone is actually well-built, looks strong, and has a confident look of its bulky concept. It even lags relatively well in slightly windy circumstances. However, if you are totally new to flying a drone, we would recommend that you never fly it in any type of extreme weather conditions.

We love its metallic grey color scheme. It strikes us with the Mavic Pro (the drone that created the folding layout, which is very popular). It really is a medium-sized drone, measuring 11.7 * 9.2 * 4.8 inches when its own arms are fully extended and weighs simply over 500g.

Considering that drone laws are changeable, one has to meet the country’s regulations that they are in. Like most new drones, the Contixo F24 Pro has lovely LED lights on the end of each blade of its upper arm. These produce a significant phenomenon if flying the drone at night. 

These LED lights also serve to help you calibrate the UAV’s magnetic compass, which is something you’ll certainly need to do before you launch the UAV. One of the greatest attributes of the drone is that it is highly effective. Brushless motors that assist it fly even more correctly and quieter than combed electric motors. It is actually a lot more effective as well as more reliable than the brushed electric motors.

We said previously in the write-up that the instance is actually a little too huge, which is as a result of the large-excellent electrical battery that powers the drone. It is a 7.4 v 2500 mAh lipo battery, and also it goes flawlessly on the drone. It has actually LED lights that signal its electrical energy quantity that is actually charged through a USB port. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the electrical battery. We strongly suggest that you consider buying at least one more battery to increase your flight time and avoid having to wait for the battery to charge before you can fly again.

Thanks to the battery, the UAV has a flight time of about 26 minutes. main time is actually thirty minutes. It is usually a handful of minutes less. Still, with the 26 minutes of flight time, this drone is among the best in this price range that costs less than $300. Even some drones that cost more don’t have that long of a flight capability.

Remote Control

One of the aspects of the drone that we really appreciate is the remote control. With an internal electric battery, it has a transmission range of one thousand meters.

In the remote control’s center is a removable smartphone holder and nice LED lights that indicate the drone’s battery level and flight mode. For full access to all the UAV features, you need to download the official application, called Contixo F22. 

The application is available on Google Play and on the Apple App Store. It is pretty well ranked in both markets, although it hasn’t been updated for some time, which is a bit worrying, the application works as it should, so it hasn’t been a problem so far.

Contixo F24 Pro camera

Let’s now proceed to this drone’s main feature (of any drone in fact) and that’s its HD camera. In fact, this is a long-range camera and can be positioned remotely at 90° for a better angle of coverage. Because it is a camera that doesn’t have a gimbal mechanism to stabilize the images and videos, the images and videos will have some lag. But, the general quality level of images and videos is good. It is possible to record videos in 2.7K and live video sequences in 720p via a micro SD card. . Images are recorded in 4K, which is about 9 MP. The quality is pretty clear as well.

The Contixo F24 Pro, as you would expect from is an advanced drone, has some cool functions that make it easier and more exciting to fly.

These functions include the following:

  • GPS – Being equipped with GPS, you can track the drone through the app and also fly the drone independently through the intelligent flying modes.
  • Orbit Mode – Under this mode, the drone will automatically orbit you.
  • Follow Me – Same as Orbit mode, but this time the UAV is following you.
  • Waypoint – Just draw a route to fly in the drone app and the drone will automatically fly along that route and get back home. Now this is the intelligent flight mode which has some issues, it doesn’t always work as at times the map doesn’t load properly.
  • Gesture Control – Capture videos and images by making a gesture with your hand, this is a cool feature to show off to family and friends.

This drone is also equipped with an automatic return home feature that can be manually enabled through the app or the controller. The function will also enable itself automatically if you lose connection with the UAV or if the battery gets too weak.

Flying Performance

The drone has good overall flight performance, as we have already alluded to in this article. It is quite simple to operate, Even novices will have no trouble flying this UAV. Being a bulky drone, it holds up well in windy situations, despite its not being indicated to fly this drone in such conditions.


The Contixo F24 Pro is a good looking drone to have fun with it when flying. You can capture good quality footage from the air with its 2.7K camera and take outstanding 4K images. And lastly, one of the best qualities is the flight time, which is pretty good for a UAV that is less than $300.

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